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Local people and professionals have the wisdom to share. Together, our stories can shift culture.

As a healthcare educator and systems designer, our combined decades of experience, sensitivity, and commitment to listening to and capturing human stories, ensures those who share their experiences are not separate from, but become some of the community-based initiative’s greatest supporters.

We do not go in to capture a sentence or a film clip. The content of our projects is too intimate and personal and we believe it would be disrespectful and unethical to do so which ultimately shows.

Excerpts from interviews create and inform the film, print, educational and marketing materials for your locally, regionally or nationally based initiatives. In this way, the stories lead or create the conditions for innovation and change, rather than ‘top down’ approaches used in many public health/health awareness campaigns.

We are privileged to lead the pre-production research, story gathering, production of film and and oversite of media editing for broadcast, DVD, or web with integration of the story-based platform into facilitated events, gatherings or educational workshops.  

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If you like what we're doing, we'd welcome your support. To discuss how you or your organisation can partner with us to make our lead programme or film web, and community model available to as many people as possible, contact us

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