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Stories to Change is an independent social enterprise promoting the power of our stories to break the taboos, fears and denial of talking about some of the major issues facing our generation.

Our projects embed real stories of local people via the power of film into community-based awareness initiatives that break down barriers to engagement, open dialogue, and catalyze individual, organizational or collective commitment required for sustainable impact.

Our lead programmes include:

  •  Conversations for Life is a nationally endorsed film, web and community education programme that encourages us all to break the taboo of talking about death and dying in order to have a say in our future care.
  • Through Our Eyes-Minority Experiences of End of Life Care film and facilitated engagement process, raises cross-sector awareness and commitment to inclusion and equity in care.

E-mail: info@conversationsforlife.co.uk

+44 01539234108

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If you like what we're doing, we'd welcome your support. To discuss how you or your organisation can partner with us to make our lead programme or film web, and community model available to as many people as possible, contact us

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